Chasing Waterfalls | Krka


Sorry for the cheesy name, but who doesn’t love a bit of TLC?

On our Croatian itinerary was a visit to either Plitvice or Krka. They seem to be much of a muchness, although Plitvice is larger than Krka. Ideally we would’ve visited both, but time and money restrictions meant that we plumped for Krka as you’re allowed to swim there.

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Summer: el fin.

hello septemberWell, well, well, where have these 9 months gone? For me they’ve just flown by, a whirl of ups and downs.

It’s almost time to pack away those bikinis, relegate the suncream to the back of a drawer, and bid farewell to summer. Did we even have a summer, London? I vaguely remember a few hot days back in June and July, but do they constitute a real summer?! There’s rumours of an Indian summer next week, but I won’t hold my breath…

And without further ado, here’s my Task Triplet for September:

  1. Get into the splits (preferably without dislocating legs/hips)
  2. Finalise autumn travel plans (Portugal, Andorra, Italy)
  3. Learn to budget (a.k.a STOP SHOPPING)

How was your summer? And what do you have planned for this autumn?

Sunsets & Sea Organs | Zadar


Over a bridge and through an archway, the older part of Zadar opens up. It’s a maze of tiny streets, packed with little shops and restaurants. The atmosphere is eclectic.

Having spent the day relaxing by the sea, we headed into town to witness one of the best sunsets in the world, as we’d been told. Munching on corn and sipping on Somersby, we watched as the sun set behind the sea and the mountains. The sky was stained orange and pink, the air still warm, it was beautiful.


With the sun gone we headed in search of more food at one of the myriad of restaurants tucked into every corner. We had garlic tuna bruschetta – delicious! Next we headed along the promenade to the famous sea organ and light show. The organ isn’t obvious, it’s tucked underground, people sitting on the steps are the only sign that it’s there. It’s a bizarre sound, organ music coming from below you, all dependent on the waves.

A bit further on is what can only be described as a giant dance floor, akin to the ones found in nightclubs. It’s multi-coloured and covered in screaming children – not ideal. It is a great place to people watch, however.

On to Krka and Šibenik!


10 Hours in Zagreb


Due to the sudden onslaught of rain we decided to cut our stay in Bled short. After hiking up to the castle we hopped on the train straight to Zagreb, the capital of Croatia. A little over 3 hours later we arrived, checked into our hostel, and tried to catch a few precious moments sleep. The hostel wasn’t great so I won’t give you the link, but if you reaaallly want to know where I stayed, just ask.


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Lush Lakes & Super Moon Rafting | Bled


The bus from Ljubljana to Bled takes about an hour, is really cheap and dropped us just down the road from our hostel. We stayed at Castle Hostel 1004 and it was fab. Great location, a big communal area which was great for socialising and lots of activities on offer – it’s the place to stay in Bled.


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